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Low Cost

Each package is priced for a great ROI. From as little as $62.50 per video, you can increase your viewership and traffic to your social media pages.


One Monthly Fee

You don't have to worry about paying each time you need a video post. You only pay once per month for full service!


Hassle-Free Video

Tired of wasting time trying create video content for your account? We create videos based on your events or sales so you can shift focus elsewhere.


In order to start seeing true growth and increased engagement on your social media posts, we recommend that you start with our Basic Package – 8 video posts a month (2 per week). If you are unsure about how much video you will need for your posts, or are just trying to test the waters in a different way, this is the package for you. Trying new marketing techniques can be time consuming but most importantly, expensive. We want to guide you in the right direction starting out with as minimal a cost as possible. The goal is increased engagement.




The goal is increased engagement, with this package of 8 videos a month (2 videos per week), you will start to see more likes, shares, and comments on your social media posts in just 1 month! Video is what sets your social media apart from the competition, and because of the amount and consistency of new video content on your social media pages, customers will be more likely stop onto your page thereby increasing your views and setting yourself up for success! At only $62.50 per video post, you can easily test the waters with a variety of different ideas on a lower budget than big marketing agencies tend to charge. Along with video posts, this package also includes modern and sleek logo designs, if you are looking to rebrand your business look.


The principle of content marketing relies upon communicating your brand to potential clients on a regular basis. But often, businesses struggle with having enough content specific to their business so as to utilize such a strategy. Our Premium Package will deliver large quantities of media on a monthly basis, customized to your business, so as to allow you to market and advertise your business in line with your content marketing strategy. The content we produce, will help build your brand and trust in your brand.


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Custom - Based On Your Needs

Looking for more than just social media videos? We create videos for all your needs. Whether you are a Realtor or business looking for a cheaper alternative to video or looking to create a TV commercial for business, we are ready and able to make that happen. Contact us now to discuss your next amazing project! Want to create video posts for yourself but not sure where to start? We have a portal that will give you instant access to thousands of ready-made videos for you to customize text and even add in your own logo in as little as 5 minutes! Its easy and user-friendly for all you do-it-yourselfers out there that want to create but don’t have the know how, it is now easier than ever!