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Choose Video AdMakers for Professional Corporate Videos

Our Corporate Video Production Experts will provide you the best experience in reduced price

Switching to a corporate videos can boost your communication with your employees, customers and stakeholders. 

Short and simple corporate videos are an excellent alternative of the traditional presentations and conveys your message faster by saving your time and energy.

Video Ad Makers, a Corporate Video Production company offers affordable corporate video packages with guaranteed premium quality. We provide different types of corporate videos as per the requirement of most companies.


Corporate Videos we provide

Corporate Video is a term which covers all the internal and external communication between the employees, stakeholders and consumers. Our team helps you to target the right audience by providing following types of videos.

Training Videos

Corporate Business Videos

Customer Testimonial Videos

Safety and Security videos

Investor Presentation Videos

Interviews of the Managerial hierarchy

Benefits of a Corporate Video

According to many global researches, the ratio of people remembering what they hear is only 20% and 30% of what they see but if we combine both the results amazingly increase up to 70%. This is why corporate businesses prefer video productions corporate more than written documents of presentations for marketing and selling. Some of the benefits are listed below


Why Corporate Videos?

Prints, text, audio and even slide presentation can be boring as they lose the customers attention with its dry information but you can always switch to a smart alternative like Corporate Video Production. Video Ad Makers, a corporate video production company that provides its best services to exceed your expectations. 

Our professional video production services  help you to spread your word effectively to the right audience.

Use of Corporate Videos

The main objective of a corporate video is to target the primary customer and internal employees. However, the video can be shared to the stakeholders or other financial firms who would be interested in investing your organization. These videos can also be added to the company websites or other required platforms for marketing.

Why choose Video AdMakers?

Here are a few reasons why customers choose to do business with us.
successful projects
Over the past 7 years we have completed more than 1500 projects all of them with high results. We take pride in every project we have done so far.
0 Hr
Turnaround Time (per Video Post)
At Video AdMakers, we understand that sometimes events or sales happen quick and you need to get a post out there as soon as possible. We are committed to efficiency in this fast-paced world we live in.
$ 0
Per Video Post
Compared to our competition, we blow them out of the water with our prices. With the purchase of some of our monthly packages, videos could cost $62.50 per video or less!

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