What is the Difference Between Original Video Animation and Anime?

Original Video Animation

What is Anime?

Anime is the art form of hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. When the Japanese use the word anime they describe all animated works, regardless of style or origin, for example, PIXAR anime. But for the rest of the world, anime specifically refers to Japanese animation movie clips. Anime is typically created by adults, but teens and kids do watch it for various reasons. The first being its artwork. Also, anime gives you amazingly unique, often unfathomable storylines that you won’t really expect to see or read anywhere else. The cartoon art style has a particular style guide so it cannot be used to explore themes anime can, the same is true for live-action or stop motion animation.

It is its difference from mainstream Western or American cartoons like “Marvel Avengers” or ‘The Simpsons” that makes it so appealing to its growing followers. Japanese anime builds up a never-seen-before world that can bend the rules of science, has intense psychological depth and the visuals are simply unbeatable.

It is unique by nature of plot and visuals; the ways stories are told and cultural nuances that define each character from the next. This could be the very first reason “its difference”. Unlike any Western or American cartoons like “Family guys” or “Marvel Avengers”, the storylines are complex and unfold gradually drawing you in. There are subtle builds up in both character and plots, creating an incredible world that has psychological depth and visuals to match. Then there are the genres. Anime comes in several different genres such as thrillers, horrors, romance, comedy, and even more. So there is always something for everyone who wants to watch.

Then they have their link to the video game industry. There has been a marked increase in the popularity of anime-inspired games since the beginning of the 20th century. There are tons of successful movies, and TV shows turned into video games animation, such as Dragon Ball Z, Spirited Away, Wrath of the White Witch, and shows such as Sailor Moon. It makes sense to say video game players got drawn towards the movie/shows and Anime watchers drifted towards the games based on their favorites.

What are Original Video Animation?

OVAs are Original Video Animation and originated in the 1980s. These are the episodes that are directly released to a video market rather than releasing them on a TV or a movie theater platform. These special episodes or movies are instead released on DVD/Blu-ray/VHS without being shown on TV or in theaters before.

OVAs are generally used as anime filler episodes and do not regularly have a major plot. Their purpose is to lighten a situation or to sometimes show things as per the viewpoint of other characters. Very rarely but it is possible to use an OVA as a major storyline breakthrough. In such as case, it will contain scenes that might be very useful in the story-building and could be further used as a flashback episode for making scenes dramatic.

OVAs are most used as comedy-focused episodes and rarely to move the storyline forward. Also, OVAs do not have a manga equivalent like the other episodes may have.

Here is a link to five classic OVAs that any die-hard anime fan should watch. Enjoy, and don’t forget to visit our website and check the types of original video animation we can offer you. Animations, Japanese or not, are great ways to promote your products and services and we have great options available for you. Call us to discuss which choices in video-based advertising can help you get the best ROIs.